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Digitalization of a Norwegian tourism group with back-end and front-end projects.

Updated: Jan 13

The group wants to take a position as market leader and achieve profitability through the establishment of a digital tourism portal for sales of Norwegian experiences, optimal distribution, product and destination development.

The goal of the project

The company wants to evaluate, plan and implement a profitable distribution of experience products. The goal is to establish distribution through optimal channels:

  • direct sales through digital investment

  • sales through relevant tour operators in Europe

  • sales through preferred exclusive agents for overseas markets

  • sales through preferred exclusive online travel agents and affiliates

The company's brand is very representative of Norwegian outdoor life and experiences.

The company sees an enormous commercial opportunity to consolidate and package Norwegian product experiences through digital investment and strong partnerships.

The project defined through three phases to ensure quality and progress

  • Phase 1: Gather the necessary insights to identify the strategy for establishing a digital portal - Evaluate the technical, market and organizational requirements and opportunities for building distribution through a digital platform - Evaluate parallel analog distribution models

  • Phase 2: Negotiate and set up practical and legal frameworks for the establishment of a digital platform as well as the various distribution channels - Identify, plan product and destination changes

  • Phase 3: Facilitate the implementation of own organization, distribution and partnership centrally and locally - Implement product and destination changes

Follow-up as project manager and consultant

  • Establishment of milestones: budget, time frame and quality - decision point after completion of each milestone - status reporting

  • Risk assessment: risk factors are established, assessed, managed and treated continuously in the project phase - The risk factors take care of: organization, time frame, policy, finances and quality delivery

  • Implementation: main activities are defined after approval of the project plan and end in the project organization

  • Time and resource plans: Finances - Continuous follow-up and reporting

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